Sunshine Coast.

For real.

Visit Sunshine Coast

Australia’s authentic and

immersive subtropical destination.

holiday destination.

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2021-22 Insider's Guide


Visit Sunshine Coast

Scope of Works
  • Art Direction
  • Print Management
  • Photography
  • Creative Design
  • Advertisment Designs
  • Client Collaboration

A natural wonderland.

Immerse yourself.

Visit Sunshine Coast is the official regional tourism organisation for the Sunshine Coast, (one of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations). For over 6 years Marx has had the pleasure to design a variety of campaign and marketing initiatives including Annual Reports, Promotional Brochures, Business Events Publications, Digital and Print Advertisements to promote trade and tourism activities throughout Australia and abroad.

Most recently Marx was appointed by the in-house marketing team to roll-out the newly developed 'For Real' campaign for the national 2021-22 Insider's Guide.